Device to Device connectivity over
the internet eliminating intranet
Eliminate limitations, expand horizons
Automize data transfer between devices over internet.

AKT Direct helps you to connect multiple devices over internet and perform activities like transferring data, passing information etc. AKT Direct eliminates the intranet limitations and helps you to connect devices just through internet. With AKT Direct, you can connect multiple machines like your server, laptop, tablet, mobile, desktop etc. with each other just through internet if even they are not in your network area.
Service Prerequisite
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AKT Live
Service Importance
Technically advanced solutions to transfer data
AKT Direct is used for two main purposes:
Taking data backup from one branch to another

Taking data backup from one branch to another branch becomes much easier and hassle free with AKT Direct. For taking international branch level data backup, you don’t have to invest in hi-tech things like maintaining physical servers, hardware machines, IT experts, server maintenance, administrators to configure public static IPs etc. AKT Direct saves all these heavy expenses for you. You just have to install AuBak and AKT Direct in any of the branches and your data backup would be taken from one branch to another branch efficiently without compromising on data security.
Shows realtime statistics of critical information on AKT Live

AKT Live is a platform which shows live information about all the devices of all your branches worldwide. It displays the real time statistics of all the devices of your branches like number of machines connected in your network, hardware configurations, IP addresses of all the machines etc. on the main AKT Live server.

Transferring data or sharing on required information and showing it on AKT Live becomes easy with the help of AKT Direct. AKT Direct plays a role of an agent which collects specific data or critical information of one device located in one branch and shares that information on AKT Servers which further displays it on AKT Live platform. You simply need to install AKT Direct in one machine and it will show all the live details of your network machines of that branch to the administrator on AKT Live.
How it Works
Connects devices without technical knowledge or high cost infrastructure
AKT Direct connects multiple devices for sharing information over internet. That means you can connect your server machine located in Bengaluru branch with laptop which is located in Delhi branch, with your desktop machine located in Dubai branch and with your mobile which is in US just through internet connection. Its as simple as that.

Unlike other services, AKT Direct doesn’t require devices to be intranet connected for sharing information, transferring data, etc. You can connect devices just through internet.

E.g.1.: If you wish to take urgent backup from Dubai’s server to Bengaluru’s server machine, then you need to install AuBak in one server and AKT Direct in the second server and all your jobs are done.

E.g.2.: You need information about how many machines are connected/available in your Delhi branch’s network area, the details of hardware configurations of all the machines connected etc, then you can simply install AKT Direct in any one machine of your Delhi branch and give the updates of all the machines to your main server or the admin.

Know AKT Direct Features at a Glance
Connecting devices made easy
How is AKT Direct Unique
A stand-Out Service for Device to Device Connectivity
AKT Direct is unique because of the premium services it offers to its clients. AKT Direct alone is a platform which acts as a satellite which connects all your devices, machines with each other without network or intranet connections. You just need AKT Direct and internet connection to connect devices, share critical information, transfer data within your branches located worldwide. AKT Direct frees you from all the hassles of network issues, intranet limitations and specific hardware requirements. It doesn’t even require sound technical knowledge for operations. Even a layman can install and use AKT Direct. Its that simple yet that beneficial. No matter where your branch is located, you can take data backup, share information, transfer data from one branch to another just via AKT Direct and internet connection.
International Branch Connect
Global Unified Connectivity for Branch Offices
Organizations with many international branch offices are often struggling with managing a wide range of access providers and network solutions. Managing these different solutions is resource intensive impacting your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and leads to weak & inconsistent end-to-end SLA’s. Using different solutions in different countries also has a negative impact on your international end-user experience. AKT Direct is solution for all of these problems.

AKT Direct’s International Branch connectivity provides high-performance, redundant and secure access to your offices. All of this is managed by AKT Direct in a flawless and very efficient manner, saving your time and money, while improving the end-user experience. AKT Direct creates a uniform international experience. End-user experience nowadays is crucial for your organization, independent whether these are your own internal users or external customers. End-users want to be connected any time and at any place. AKT Direct helps to connect device across all your national and international branches just via internet exceeding the boundaries and limitations of intranet and networking issues.
Cost effective connectivity
AKT Direct Support
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